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Adjudication is a procedure for resolving disputes without resorting to sometimes lengthy and expensive court procedures. Adjudication is the dispute resolution mechanism of choice that applies to the UK's construction industry. Until recently, in Ireland conciliation under the Capital Works Management Framework (CWMF) has been the default go-to forum when disputes arise. With the introduction of the Construction Contracts Act 2013, adjudication is now available in Ireland too. In recent years mediation as a dispute management system has become another important part of business, industry and our practice. Our expert solicitors, adjudicator and professional support staff provide dispute resolution and dispute avoidance advice across all aspects of domestic and international adjudications, conciliations and mediations.

  • Contractual Adjudications (domestic and international)

  • Adjudication under the HGCRA 1996/Construction Contracts (Northern Ireland) Order 1997

  • Scheme for Construction Contracts

  • Pursuing and defending enforcement of Adjudicator’s decisions

  • Mediation

  • Conciliation

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